Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Totals

Well, this short month brought some highs, mediums and lows! Let's start with the highs!

John 4.33% New goal: Only 1 Mountain Dew a day. A lofty goal!!
Darren 3.86% New goal: Exercise at least 1 extra day a week. Keep working on this goal!
Kristie 2.76% New goal: Exercise 4 days each week. A good goal to continue.


Mom and Dad were both .9% I guess they must be working together!! Dad wants start golfing now! Mom is discouraged and needs all the suggestions that she can get!


Denise and Melissa stayed at 0.
Denise is going to continue exercising 5 days a week for 20 minutes. She says the biggest thing holding her back (besides her backside) is it is still freezing outside! Keep praying for spring everyone!
Melissa and Nephi have a new goal that they are going to work on together. They are only going to eat out 2 times this month. Nephi is also going to try and start biking to work more. I think that will be a very good goal for the both of them!

Chris and Jenny have decided not to be weighed until they can sleep more than 2 hours a night! Our goal is to make it until this Thursday. If we make it until Thursday and Tessa's casts come off, count our goal accomplished. Then we can both start exercising again!!

Kristie wanted to make sure we are all weighing ourselves the same way. Here is a picture demonstrating how to properly use a scale! Keep working everyone!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

February Goals!

In order to support each other properly with our goals, I thought I would post them for all to see. Also, if you fail at your goal, this will give everyone easy access to point and laugh!

In no particular order:

Denise - Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes.
Melissa - Only can eat chocolate 2 times a week.
Darren - Exercise at least 1 extra day on top of basketball workouts.
Bill - Do therapy, stretches and yoga in order for his arm to be in condition to workout (and play golf).
Jenny - 100 sit-ups and 20 push-ups 4 days a week.
Nephi - Exercise 4 days each week.
Kristie - Exercise 4 days each week. Look, twiners with Nephi!!
Chris, Mom and John failed to give goals! Shame on you all! Or maybe I never followed up with them~ oops!

There you have it! I hope you are all trying your best to attain your goals. They will be the key to your weight loss in the long run! Which reminds me, I better go do some sit-ups!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to the beginning!

It is official! On February 1st we will begin another session of Peterson's Biggest Losers!! Doodododooo! (That was the sound of a trumpet signaling the beginning). If you are going to be a player, please leave a comment to declare the commitment! I will also expect a phone call with the dreaded weight!

Here is how we will roll:
1. We will put in $5.00 per month. You can earn back the money by losing 5 pounds.
2. You will have a goal per month. You can decide on a dollar amount that can be earned by accomplishing the goal. If you are thinking that every goal will be worth $5.00 and you will always earn the money back, think again. These will have to be specific goals. They will also have to be a bit challenging or very challenging to get higher than a dollar. For suggestions on goal, give me a call and we will come up with something!
3. I want you to measure yourself. This will be something you do and keep to yourself. We will measure at the beginning and then again at the end but not in between. Please measure these body parts with a cloth measuring tape or string. Chest - at the biggest section. Waist - at the smallest part, usually just under the bust. Hips- at the biggest area. Thighs- biggest area. You can also do your biceps if you think you are going to get some guns in the next 6 months!
4. Call in on the 1st of each month with your weight. I will post % weight lost. The last weigh-in will be the 1st of September upon which winners will be announced on the 2nd of September.
5. The winner will be the person with the highest % weight loss. Winner will receive any money that is not earned each month. This could be a large or small amount!

If you don't like something listed above, now is the time to whine and complain. Otherwise we will go with what is listed! Any questions? Let the games begin!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to become Losers again!

Hello fellow Peterson's! It is time once again to become Losers! I have thought about it and decided that there are a few different ways to do this again. So here are some options. If you like one, or part of some, leave comments and let's iron this thing out!

1. We can do it the exact same as last time.

2. We can pay $5 per month. Each month you can earn back those $5 by losing 5 pounds. Any money not earned will be put into a pot. This pot will be used for prizes. Prizes can be earned with weight loss or by achieving goals (ie. exercising 5 days each week for a month). We could decide one goal each month or do it individually. Either way, at the end of another wonderful and skinny 6 months we could have winners with money prizes.

3. We can include inches lost into the equation also. I think that regardless how we do this, we should measure certain body parts. It can be hard to lose pounds, but inches do change in areas. I will follow up on this subject more!

4. Any other suggestions? We really can cater this to however we want to do it. Let everyone know what you think. I want some serious dialogue in the comments section!

Regardless, we should begin on February 1st with weigh-ins! I can manage the numbers again! Fun for the whole family!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August is over!

Here are the results for August.  Kind of a slow down month! 

1st place - Denise 1.11%
2nd place - Chris 1.10%
3rd place - Darren 0.99%
4th place - Mom 0.45%

Everyone else got 0%!

Nephi suggested that September end on October 10th.  That would be our final weigh-in day.  Then at Disneyland we will announce the winners based from that final day.  I think it is a good idea also.  So we will go with that!!  Start getting ready for the grand finally!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peterson Olympics 2008

The results are in and we will give out winner money at Disneyland. So, if you fell off the wagon this week thinking the game was over, you better get your booty in gear again!! In spirit of the current Olympics, your goal should be the gold. But if you happen to be from an obscure little country, enjoy the view and journey as you compete! I happen to be from Kyrisistakistan and so I will enjoy just being in the Olympics even if I don't win. Sometimes the journey is a good as the goal! What country are you from??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

July Totals...

Here are the totals for July.  Good job everyone!

1st place - Chris 2.13%
2nd place - Nephi 1.69%
3rd place - Denise 1.62%
4th place - Melissa 1.39%
5th place - Bill 1.01%
6th place - Darren 0.97%

Mom, Kristie and Jenny come in at a big old 0%!!  

Lisa had 1.35% and John has quit telling me his weight!!

So, we have some decisions to make on how this fun little game will end.  Do we want to end at the end of August with the loss for August being added to the overall lost percentage?  Mom thought we were going to go to October and announce the winners at Disneyland.  I think everyone has been doing great and we should keep going.  Maybe I would actually start to exercise and lose weight too!  Please leave your feedback so we can make a decision.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June totals are in!!!

Everyone is continuing to improve and feeling great! Good job! Here are our totals for the month of June...

1st place Melissa 2.07%
2nd place Darren 1.90%
3rd place Kristie 0.96%
4th place Mom 0.88%
5th place Nephi 0.42%

Everyone else was at 0% which includes Dad, Denise, Chris and Jenny!!!

Keep up the no gaining! And keep those pants fitting smaller! Hooray!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

May totals! Getting better!!

This month was a little better! I was glad to see weight loss instead of gains! So here are your winners..

1st place Chris 2.08%
2nd place Marietta 1.30%
3rd place Bill 1.00%
4th place Kristie 0.95%
5th place Jenny 0.70%
6th place Melissa 0.68%
7th place Denise 0.54%
8th place Nephi 0%
9th place Darren +0%

I guess since Chris has been riding his bike 30 miles a day he is losing the weight quicker. Mom has started to have baggy pants too! Dad was proud that he is finally under 200 pounds, something he hasn't been in many many years!! There is still 3 months to see who will be the grand winner! Even if the weight isn't falling off fast, the bodies are still getting healthier. Good job everyone!

Monday, May 12, 2008

May's revenge!

I hope that you have started on your way to a strong revenge for May's weigh-in! We are already nearing the half way point for the month. If you have not, you still have half of a month to get it all together. Let's keep the ball rolling! As for all of the smack talk that was issued after last months results, I hope we are all still a loving family!! No one is fat and no one is a jerk - just to be clear. But if it helps to call people names, go ahead but you better lose the weight to back your name calling. Since Denise won last month, she is entitled to name call - everyone else, keep it to yourselves!!!!! I plan to go running tomorrow (of course I have said that since March)! Hope you are doing great!