Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Totals

Well, this short month brought some highs, mediums and lows! Let's start with the highs!

John 4.33% New goal: Only 1 Mountain Dew a day. A lofty goal!!
Darren 3.86% New goal: Exercise at least 1 extra day a week. Keep working on this goal!
Kristie 2.76% New goal: Exercise 4 days each week. A good goal to continue.


Mom and Dad were both .9% I guess they must be working together!! Dad wants start golfing now! Mom is discouraged and needs all the suggestions that she can get!


Denise and Melissa stayed at 0.
Denise is going to continue exercising 5 days a week for 20 minutes. She says the biggest thing holding her back (besides her backside) is it is still freezing outside! Keep praying for spring everyone!
Melissa and Nephi have a new goal that they are going to work on together. They are only going to eat out 2 times this month. Nephi is also going to try and start biking to work more. I think that will be a very good goal for the both of them!

Chris and Jenny have decided not to be weighed until they can sleep more than 2 hours a night! Our goal is to make it until this Thursday. If we make it until Thursday and Tessa's casts come off, count our goal accomplished. Then we can both start exercising again!!

Kristie wanted to make sure we are all weighing ourselves the same way. Here is a picture demonstrating how to properly use a scale! Keep working everyone!!


drpalaska said...

I'm trying. I think I should get extra credit just for going outside. It was 11 degrees yesterday when I went for my walk!! I may start slow, but I will catch up to you all!

Lisa said...

Thats why I weigh what I do.Keep it up all you losers! I know you can do it.

Heather said...

If I knew that was all we had to do to weigh ourselves I would have joined up last year! That was a great one!